If you’d like to do an internship (stage) during the course of your studies, the best place to start is often by asking the secretary of your department if any internship offers are available, or by asking classmates if they’ve previously done an internship in companies that may be looking to hire again. During the academic year, you’ll want internship opportunities in the city or region you’re living in, but during the summer, you may be able to find an internship in another city in France. Internship search sites tend to be national rather than regional, so you can search for jobs in your industry and then narrow down to opportunities near you.

You can also use some of the following websites to search for internship opportunities, searching by location, industry, and duration of the internship. These websites also contain tips for doing your job search and writing your cover letter and CV, or you can ask Paris Unraveled for assistance with finding and applying to internships.

  • AdioStage: http://www.aidostage.com/
  • CIDJ: http://www.cidj.com/offres-de-stage
  • L’Etudiant: http://jobs-stages.letudiant.fr/stages-etudiants.html
  • Indeed: this is a job search site that may have some internship offers mixed in. www.indeed.fr
  • Le Parisien: has lots of internship opportunities for all regions, even though it’s a Parisian newspaper. http://etudiant.aujourdhui.fr/etudiant/jobs-stages/emploi.html
  • Stage.fr: www.stage.fr
  • Studyrama Emploi: http://www.studyrama-emploi.com/home_rubrique.php?id=3

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