Today, I want to tell you about my client Claire, and how I helped her move *back* to France and start her own business.

Claire, a Canadian, had lived in France before for a short time after doing a degree program in Scotland, but had returned to the US to work as a Pilates instructor and physical therapist.

After a time, she discovered that she REALLY wanted to come back to France, but wasn’t sure how to make it work.

When we talked on the phone, I told her that her qualifications from the UK would be valid in France, but that there would be a process to get them recognised. However, she could apply for a profession libérale visa as a Pilates instructor, and then work on getting her credentials recognised so she can also practice as a kinésithérapeute.

Claire had plenty of friends, acquaintances, and past clients from her previous France life who were willing to sign letters of support and letters stating that they were eager to begin working with her as an English speaking Pilates clients to improve their health and fitness once she was able to begin working in France.

She had already developed her packages and knew her rates.

We put together a business plan that identified a couple of important target markets for her services: 

Expat moms who wanted to begin a fitness regime in a small group class.

Business travelers and tourists who wanted to continue their exercise regime while vacationing in Paris by doing something fun, like Pilates in the park.

Then, we worked on outlining how her services would work: how she would market and find clients, how she would evaluate them and put together an exercise plan based on their individual needs, and how she would sell her packages and services.

We talked about where she could host client sessions where she’d be able to use Pilates equipment – too expensive for her to buy on her own – and how she’d have to get professional insurance and an ‘éducateur sportive’ card.

Now, she’s in France, and we’re in the process of filing her kinésithérapeutie application and doing all of her business and professional registrations, so she is able to work with clients and be legally insured and covered for the type of work she does.

Want to learn how I can help you to get the right visa, move to France, and create the life of your dreams?

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