the real reason i created the francofilesI’ve told you about all of thegreat stuff I’ve created for the FrancoFiles. How much content on all topics France is already in there.

I’ve given you the list of member tutorials and the schedule of events for the next few months – upcoming tutorials and virtual office hours.

And I’ve told you about my dream for the community – for creating a space where we can support your dream and your vision for your life in France – all while slapping down those pesky administrative issues that pop up like whack-a-moles from time to time.

The point of theFrancoFilesisn’t just to answer your administrative questions. Sure, it’s a big part of what I do, but it’s not WHY I do it.

YOU are why I do it.

Because I want YOU to be focused on what YOU are good at. On what makes you come alive.

And you can’t do that if you’re annoyed and anxious and frustrated, spinning your wheels trying to sort through endless opinions and information about the appropriate administrative steps to take to work towards your vision.

The world needs YOU doing what you do best.

And chances are? It’s not French bureacracy. (And it shouldn’t be!!)

That’s my superpower.

And I promise you, achieving your dream is SO much easier when you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. (Or worry about your visa. And you know, your livelihood.)

So you do your thing, and let me do mine. To support you. To clear the path of the administrative BS, by demystifying it and giving you the exact tools you need.

Clear the obstacles, and bring your vision to life.

Bippity boppity boo.

Are you in?

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