Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close, and I’ve (mostly) recovered from hosting 12 people for turkey dinner yesterday. I always celebrate on Saturday and invite my French and American friends – some years, we’re 8, and one memorable year, we were 16. 

Since I don’t believe in starting Christmas until *after* Thanksgiving, today we went to get our Christmas tree and to take pictures of my son with Santa Claus. Now that he understands Christmas and the idea of getting presents (thanks, Peppa Pig!), he is SUPER excited. I love it.

I’m also so happy that people have beenjoining the FrancoFiles, and I am really excited to be welcoming many of you into my community. 

I talked to one woman on Friday, Kris, about her plans for moving to France, and this is what she posted after our call:

“For those of you who find your heads swimming with French bureaucracy (like I was!) but really want to live in France or already in France and need help, I can’t recommend Allison Lounes and Paris Unraveled strongly enough! OMG, she’s so great! Give me complex US tax issues and I’ve got it, but figuring how to bring my business to France has me going in circles, and getting very dizzy in the process! I’m definitely going to be using her services in the new year, and I’m signing up for her advanced program before the weekend ends! Whether you have a business or starting one in France – Allison is your answer to succeeding! Thank you 😊 Allison!”

(She just joined as I was typing this email – Welcome Kris!)

Here are some other things people have said about me and Paris Unraveled when I’ve helped them in the past:

“Allison is highly knowledgeable and informed on current requirements, explains concepts beautifully, and is very easy to talk with.  Our 45-minute session inspired the critical trust and confidence I need to have when working with a professional on such an important process and I am very much looking forward to working with her to assist with the complexities of my upcoming relocation.”  – Simone

“Allison has an encyclopedic knowledge of the ins and outs of the famously formidable French bureaucracy, plus a good sense of how best to approach it.  Particularly useful are her alerts about the “unknown unknowns”—the requirements that we not only did not know how meet, but were unaware of in the first place.   She’s the person you have looking for if you are looking for a helpful, capable person to hold your hand as you settle in to life in France.”— Steve

If you’re on the fence and have any questions before youjoin the FrancoFiles, please take a few minutes to check out this Facebook live video I recorded to show you inside the community – the forums, the groups I’ve set up to welcome you, and of course the member tutorials that are already recorded and posted. I’ll be adding more content each month and I look forward to answering your questions about living in France.

Here’s a link to the video where you can take a look inside:

I really enjoy answering your questions and I’m super excited to do it in this way, so we can create useful content to help YOU and to help future members, all together. 

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