Brief intoduction to French Income TaxesWhether you’re filing your first declaration ever, you’ve had someone file for you before but don’t really know how to do it *yourself*, or you’re just gathering intel for your future move to France, you should know that if you live in France for more than 183 days, you’re liable to report your *WORLDWIDE* income in France on your French income tax declaration, which is filed in May or June each year.

#FACT ➡️ Having a visa to live in France pretty much *automatically* makes you a French tax resident (because it is expected – required, even – that you will spend more than 9 months in France if you have a visa.)

📆 That means if you arrived in France before July 1, 2017 – you need to file a French tax declaration.

📆 And if you arrived in 2016 – but after July 2 (<183 days) – 2017 is going to be your *first* French tax declaration.

📆 And if you arrived before that and have NEVER filed (because you didn’t know you needed to


#FACT ➡️ You need to file a French tax declaration even if you didn’t make any money. And even if you *only* made money outside of France (from foreign sources).

Filing your first French tax declaration can be stressful – especially if you’re not sure what you need to do.

⁉️ When do I have to file?

⁉️ What if I’m filing for the first time?

⁉️ Can I file online?

⁉️ How do I report my salary? 

⁉️ My rental income? 

⁉️ Do I have to report my foreign bank accounts?

⁉️ I have income from foreign sources – how do I make sure I’m not double taxed?

⁉️ What happens if I miss the deadline, or I make a mistake?

Fortunately, French income taxes *aren’t* too difficult, and, having worked in taxes for about 2 years, I’ve done French tax declarations for dozens of clients with a variety of situations.

Most people’s personal income taxes aren’t so complicated that you need to spend hundreds to pay an accountant to do them for you.  Usually, knowing the right questions to ask is key to figuring the process out for your situation.

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