why free information from strangers on the internet isn't reliable for making decisions about visas or french bureaucracyIf you’re still on the fence about whether you should get a lifetime membership to the FrancoFiles community, I want to talk to you about something I’ve seen come up a few times.

That is: what is the value of joining a paid community about French administration?

Because, can’t you find most of the information on the internet for *free*?

And the answer is, sure. If you know where to look. If you read French well enough. If you have the time, the energy, and the patience to wade through LOTS of conflicting advice about what you should do, and how, and listen to all the reasons you did it all wrong.

And most of all, if you know WHAT QUESTIONS TO ASK IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Now, here’s the thing. There’s LOADS of information out there. And yes, much of it is free.

But in order to get the right answer, you first have to ask the right question.

And then, the person answering you has to know all about your personal situation:

Your visa type.

How long you’ve been in France / had that job / been self-employed / been married.

How long you’ve been at your current address.

What préfecture or consulate you should go to.

When and how to make your appointment.

What words to use when you make that phone call or write that letter in French.

What phase the moon will be in when you go to the appointment (and whether or not Mercury is retrograde!)

(Just kidding about that last one. Sort of.)

Because while it may be true that getting answers to the surface questions can be relatively straightforward, the complicated part is sifting through the advice that people provide through the lens of their own experience, at their own préfecture.

And unless they have the same visa type, préfecture, occupation, income, etc. as you – you’re going to feel some stress and anxiety about whether that advice ACTUALLY applies to your situation. And seek confirmation over and over that you’re doing the right thing.

It’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of French bureaucracy in this way.

My mission in creating the FrancoFiles community is to have a place where I can help you throughout the course of your stay in France – whether you’re here for a one year student visa, or for the long haul.

It’s to get you THE answers that you need for YOUR SITUATION. Because my super powers are 1) knowing what questions to ask to get to the root of your needs, and 2) Getting you the answers and breaking them down so you know EXACTLY what you need to do.

And what I want to do – the relationship I want to create with each one of you, my members, is one in which we’re on top of the day-to-day administration you need to do for your life in France, but ALSO one in which we’re ANTICIPATING and STRATEGIZING about everything from moving to a better apartment, to switching jobs or starting a business, or figuring out a good sequence of visas for you to have so you don’t have to go backwards and put off a resident card or naturalization even longer.

That can only happen if I know you. If i know your story. If you share with me – your hopes and dreams, your plans for the future, your fears.

I want to know how I can best support YOU and YOUR dreams about living in France.

I want the administrative stuff OUT OF THE WAY, so it’s not DISTRACTING you from building the life you truly want to live.

So here’s the deal. Join the FrancoFiles. Tell me where you are now, and then tell me your vision for your future in France.

And then, we’ll start forging the path.

Have a question before you join? Email me, and I’ll make sure that you get your answer before you join.


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